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Career 911: What You Can Do to Prepare for Irene (And After-Effects)

As Irene rapidly approaches, here are quick tips to prepare your career for a Hurricane. The focus is on winds and water now, but we could be talking about unemployment and job loss caused by the storm in a few … Continue reading

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Lessons in Brevity from Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson held multiple positions during his life. He was a U.S. Minister to France, Secretary of State under George Washington, Vice President to John Adams, and was U.S. President for eight years. His tombstone, however, mentions none of these … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Bad Fit Blues

“Sign your name here. Now switch hands and do it again. Is it tougher the second time around? Yeah, I thought so….” I’m right-handed. I grew up sitting across the kitchen table from my left-handed sisters. Our seating arrangement prevented … Continue reading

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