Meet Chandlee

Ever taken a job that seems like the perfect fit – only to discover it’s like writing with your non-dominant hand? You can do it, but you’re slower than everyone else and it’s exhausting…

Or have you ever looked at a job description that’s so perfect for you that you can’t believe someone would pay you to do that– and thought, “I know I can do this and I’d rock at this…but I can’t translate how I can do that into words.”

How would you feel if you could find the right words to land work you enjoy and can do well?

As good as an amateur golfer feels after making a hole in 1 shot (odds: 2500 to 1)?

I can help.

As a certified professional resume writer and career coach, I partner with clients to find this story and give a voice to it – be it through online profiles, a resume, or an elevator pitch. While it should be easy to do this for yourself, most of us struggle to articulate our strengths and aspirations. (To paraphrase, one of my favorite authors Walker Percy says, “Why is it that the first person we look for in a group photo is ourselves? You spend your whole life with yourself? Don’t you know what you look like?)

To find the right voice, I use an assessment process that sparks conversation about ideal jobs, work environment, and the words that describe your “best fit” and style. Once we craft your story, we create an outreach plan to help you get seen and heard where you need to – with special attention paid to what needs to be shared and what doesn’t. As I see it, you should get to decide where you draw the line between online presence and privacy. Just like you get to pick your employer.

BIO (Also available through Linkedin or Pinterest)

I bring to my work over a dozen years of experience in the career industry. I’ve worked as a recruiter, a career counselor at Ivy League schools, and as a “resume specialist” for Microsoft. I have a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Virginia and additional certifications from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and The Academies.

I am a co-author of The Twitter Job Search Guide (JIST Publishing, 2010), winner of the 2010 Career Innovator Award from Career Directors International. I speak regularly at industry conferences and have been quoted by media outlets including the Associated Press, The Atlantic, CareerBuilder, CNN, the BBC, Fox News, and Public Radio International. Outside of my work, I am a freelance writer. My work has been published by outlets including Forbes, eFinancialCareers,, and The Wall Street Journal.

Outside of work, I enjoy listening to — and telling stories. That’s my story. How can I help you shape yours? Drop me a line and let me know how I can help you: chandlee<at>bestfitforward<dot>com.

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