Twitter and Your Job Search

This afternoon, I’ll be talking live with Maggie Mistal, host of the Making a Living Radio Show on the Martha Stewart Living Radio Channel on XM/Sirius radio.

Our topic: Strategies for finding a job via Twitter and the Twitter Job Search Guide. We’ll be on air from 4 to 5 pm and will answer questions. If you have a question on that or any other career topic, call in live: 866-675-6675.

Want to learn more about how you can find a job via Twitter? Here are five simple resources and strategies:

  1. Follow me–and my co-authors on Twitter. I am @chandlee. My co-authors are Deb Dib, @ceocoach and Susan Whitcomb @susanwhitcomb

    As soon as you follow me, you’ll receive an e-mail with other names of career experts, recruiters, and over a dozen successful job seekers–all of whom contributed to the book.
  2. Check out our book, The Twitter Job Search Guide. Available through Amazon or in bookstores.
  3. Want a small introduction–or the latest news on Twitter? Browse through our website about the book, available at

    My co-authors and I update the blog weekly, so the information on Twitter trends remains current!
  4. Browse through this presentation on how to “Twitter Your Way to a New Job“, created for us by Dennis McCafferty for Baseline Magazine.
  5. Contact me and let me know your questions–and how I can help! Write your comments below, send me a message on Twitter–or e-mail me!

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