Why You Need to Be Social In Your Job Search

In addition to my work with private clients, I research and write about how to use social media in job search. The following post is also published on the website for the book I co-authored, The Twitter Job Search Guide. I am republishing this post here because I think social media is part of the “best fit” job search: Use it to build a community that shares your interests, and watch your leads increase. 

The results of Jobvite’s annual Social Media recruitment survey are in, and the big pictutwitterbirdsre reflects much of what my Twitter Job Search Guide co-authors and I have suspected for quite some time: Employers across sectors–from tech and manufacturing to finance, health care, and government–are increasingly turning to social media to showcase opportunities, source for candidates, and save money that might have otherwise been spent on traditional job boards.  Over 600 HR and recruiting professionals responded to the survey. Among the survey’s findings:

Employers are Hiring. How are you preparing for the recovery in terms of hiring?

Business is Booming and We Need to Hire Now: 35%
We’re Hiring Somewhat to Be Ready for the Recovery: 35%

Significant Findings: 92% of employers actively hiring are using social media, 50% are using Twitter for this purpose.

For candidate quality, respondents rated social networks significantly higher than job boards who landed in last place. Referrals were the most highly rated for candidate quality.

Applicants are More Flexible.

How do applicants in 2010 compare to 2009? Percentage of survey respondents reporting

More applicants have been unemployed:  83%
More applicants willing to accept lower salaries: 73%
More applicants willing to relocate: 62%

Social Networks Lead All Other Recruiting Channels for Planned Investment by Employers

A strong  majority of  survey respondents (83%) reported using social media as part of their recruiting strategies. Almost half (46%) of respondents reported plans to spend more on social recruiting in 2010 than in 2009.  The losers: job boards (36% or respondents will spend less) and third party recruiters and search firms (down 38%).

LinkedIn is still Top-of-Mind for Companies Using Social Media to Recruit but Twitter is Gaining

Which social media tools do you or your company use for recruiting?

LinkedIn: 78%
Facebook: 55%
Twitter: 45%

(If the Twitter numbers look low here, take another look: 50% percent of companies reporting having Twitter accounts “for any purpose” — rapidly gaining on LinkedIn and Facebook who hold steady at 62% each.  Twitter was the fastest growing social media tool in terms of organization adoption, with an year-to-year growth of 30%. )

Want the full report? Visit Jobvite’s website and sign up to receive your free copy.

Bottom line: While Twitter is still gaining traction as a job search tool, my co-authors for the Twitter Job Search Guide and I think it’s a top notch go-to destination. Why is Twitter our top choice for a social media job search even if the highest volume of traffic is elsewhere?

Twitter is a cost-effective destination for employers. Employers can save hundreds of thousands by migrating from job boards to social media, note the cost for posting individual or unlimited positions on TweetMyJobs . (And TweetMyJobs job seekers can have positions customized to their interests sent by SMS staight to smart phones.)

Twitter is a barrier buster: Unlike LinkedIn or Facebook, you don’t need to know someone to be introduced, request introductions, or reach out to many new potential friends without fear of losing your account. You can use Twitter to jump online, spark or join a conversation in progress, and create your own community of users who share your interests…Participate actively, and you’ll increase your own visibility. Before you know it, you’ll have people willing to vouch for you in your job search–or who are seeking you out.

Remember: The candidate employers love to hire is still the candidate who “comes recommended.” Check out the hiring stories of our successful Twitter job seekers in the Twitter Job Search Guide.

How can I help you use social media for your job search? Let me know.

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