How to Automate Your Job Search

According to RiseSmart, the average job seeker spends over 50 hours a month online. Given that many job offers are the direct result of face-to-face networking and that many of us (myself included) like to spend time out-of-doors and offline, that's a great deal of time.Images

Searching for position listings can be especially time consuming. I personally recommend using site aggregators that pull listings from many sites, instead of focusing on one or two job boards alone. and SimplyHired are two of my favorite aggregator sites.

My friend and social media "hero" Rob Blatt recently showed me an amazing way to save time. He has a system that enable you to set up customized auto searches that will deliver results directly to your in-box. Rob uses a combination of Craig's List and FeedMyMail to accomplish this, but you can also set up similar arrangements on Indeed or other sites which allow you to copy an "RSS stream." (While there are several job boards that allow you to do a variation of this as well–including Monster and Career Builder–I like the ease of set-up here. I also think it's great that you can so easily create and customize keyword searches without having to set up any new accounts!

For more information on how to set up your search-and-feed system, see Rob's post on Simplifying Your Job Search.

And, as always, if I can help you simplify your own job search, let me know!

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