Behind the Music Resume with Alec Biedrzycki…

For the past year, I've been scouting for talented job seekers who've made bold moves through public "hire me" campaigns. In the process, I've identified a handful of people who've been able to achieve "career gold": These job seekers have demonstrated the ability not only to execute a clever marketing approach but also to follow up and showcase the skills and aptitudes that will make them successful on the job. I call these individuals my career "rock stars."

My newest rockstar is Alec Biedrzycki, a recent grad of Bentley College and current YouTube sensation. After four internships and applying for several full-time jobs without noticeable response from employers, Alec developed a music video resume and uploaded it to YouTube.

Since creating his video last week, Alec has been had over 2,000 views on YouTube, been interviewed by CNN, and received a few calls from potential employers. To learn more about how he created his video, what he learned along the way, and what he's looking for in a position, read the full post on my other blog, The Emerging Professional.

You can find also Alec on Twitter: @albiedrzycki

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